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You're Never To Young

You're Never To Young

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You’re Never To Young Wilbur is a young man whose dream is to become a great barber, but for now, he’s working just as an assistant, at a hotel’s barber shop. When one day he gets involved (by mistake) in some big robbery, he is forced to disguise himself as a 12 year old boy, so that he can get away from his persecutor. Caught Between Gals Who Want to Kiss ‘Em – And guys Who Want to Kill ‘Em!

You’re Never Too Young is another Martin & Lewis movie that’s lots of fun

You’re Never To Young With this movie, Martin & Lewis have a reunion with a couple of co-stars from their first feature-My Friend Irma: Diana Lynn, Jane Stacy in that and its sequel, is not only Dean’s girl here but also a crush of Jerry’s. And Hans Conried plays Jer’s barber mentor, Francois. Then there’s a couple of cameos from other of M & L’s flicks-Nancy Kulp, from The Caddy, as a lady with a “12”-year-old son and Bobby Barber, from Money from Home, as a newsstand clerk. With that out of the way, I’ll just say the plot of a jewel robber (Raymond Burr) trying to get the diamond out of Jerry’s coat pocket-which the latter doesn’t know about-as Jer tries to pass himself off as a minor in order to get a half-fare train ticket with him ending up at a girls school where Martin and Lynn teach is perhaps the most ridiculous story yet for the boys’ movies but darned if I didn’t find myself constantly laughing anyway! As usual, plenty of Lewis’ mugging and doing impersonations provide plenty of fun entertainment along with Martin’s smooth crooning on many romantic ballads. And seeing the latter get constantly hit and bumped into by his partner just adds to the fun. So despite the many nonsense shenanigans, I heartily recommend You’re Never Too Young.

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