If you are searching for a film title but you cannot find it on the site, we may still have it or, we may be searching for it ourselves. Because we have such a vast and extensive network we may be able to help you with your search for that long lost memory that means so much to you.


“They just don’t make films like they used to!”

This is an oft repeated exclamation of a generation that was privileged to live through the 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s when Hollywood had what is called the “Studio System” that produced the great stars, directors and scriptwriters – and the films which defined an era that can never be reproduced. This was a golden era that included British and European film making as well. The Americans with the great musicals, the British with their comedies and the Europeans with raw edge dramas.

“Sadly, many of these great films disappeared without a trace… or did they?”

At Rareandcollectible we have dedicated ourselves to finding and resurrecting these films, putting them to DVD and making them available to like minded film buffs around the world. As the films we are offering are not in commercial distribution or are in the public domain it is therefore legitimate to make them available to like minded collectors. We endeavour to find the best quality print available at all times. However, depending on the source, some imperfections do Occur. 

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