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Young Einstein

Young Einstein

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Young Einstein  Albert Einstein is the son of a Tasmanian apple farmer, who discovers the secret of splitting the beer atom to put the bubbles back into beer. When Albert travels to Sydney to patent his invention he meets beautiful French scientist Marie Curie, as well as several unscrupulous types who try to take advantage of the naive genius and his invention. One Seriously Funny Movie

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Young Einstein  Yahoo Serious has probably become quite a bit of a joke, which is a shame because his debut effort is more entertaining than a lot of what Hollywood puts out these days. Serious plays Albert Einstein as though he were an Australian from deep in the outback. He makes his way to America to try and patent his invention and meets and falls in love with Marie Currie on the way. The movie is very offbeat but in a good way and very entertaining if you let it be. I have always loved this movie and the soundtrack is excellent for any 80s music fan. Serious went downhill with Reckless Kelly (which isn’t a bad movie in and of itself) but got really bad with Mr. Accident. If you want to see a good, funny, and just entertaining film, you can’t go wrong with Young Einstein unless you have completely lost the child inside you.

One of the most underrated films in this database

‘Young Einstein’, as well as ‘Reckless Kelly’ certainly don’t belong on any ‘worst films’ list. These movies are better, by any artistic criteria, than half of the films on the IMDB ‘best 250’ list. Yahoo Serious is a refreshingly original and creative artist with a highly developed sense of political and social consciousness. Enjoy his work with both eyes and mind wide open.

Some creative genius here

 Hats off to Yahoo Serious and his gang. This zany movie is well scripted and well acted. Scenery and costumes and special effects also done to a very high standard.

The humour seems to emanate naturally, and it has its own originality and spontaneity. Science history clashing with Australian heritage is preposterous but this adds to the excitement and energy oozing from the movie.

Legendary movie.

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