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Wild Horses

Wild Horses

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Wild Horses : Storyline

Wild Horses,  An over-the-hill rodeo champion gets fired from his assembly line job in Texas. He and a buddy then decide to head to Wyoming to get a job herding mustangs. His wife gives him her blessing, knowing he needs to find something which satisfies his spirit. They sign up for a roundup headed by a veteran cowboy. With the job, he finds himself cross-wise of a corrupt government official, who is making big profits on the illegal sale of wild horses. He also finds himself in the affections of the daughter of an old ranch owner.

User Reviews

best Kenny rogers movie ever

Wild Horses,  This is one of the best Kenny Rogers movies I’ve seen him do ever!! I have looked every where for it and can’t seem to get my hands on a copy of it.I wish they would come out with it on DVD like they did some of his other movies!!The movie taking place in Wyoming was a great choice for this movie as well,it showed lots of beautiful land in the scenes.Wyoming was an awesome place to film a western like this and Sheridain was a good little town to shoot scenes in too.In fact the part where the horses are running thru downtown Sheridain,Wyo. was one of my favorites back then.See I was in high school then and lived there when this was being filmed there so to have actually get to watch them make some of it makes it more interesting to me.My step dad worked at the holiday inn there as a maintenance man and thats where the stars in this movie stayed while filming it,i did get to met a few of the stars back them and as a kid then to me that was really something!!

Kenny in a modern day western ………..

Wild Horses, In this modern day western tale, country singer Kenny Rogers departs from his normal role as the Gambler with mixed results. The cast is excellent and includes western greats Ben Johnson, Richard Farnsworth and Buck Taylor. Pam Dawber turns in a good performance as the female lead.

The story line of wild horses was interesting and the veteran actors do their best with a so-so script. As an actor, Rogers is a good singer ………

It was nice to see these actors work together on such an interesting movie premise, but unfortunately the final film seems somewhat bland…….. For fans of the stars only .


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