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White Phantom

White Phantom

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White Phantom  A group of camouflaged ninjas steals a case of plutonium from a transport vehicle.

VERY good… for a ninjer flick

White Phantom  I do NOT understand all you guy’s fuss… This is a NINJER movie! Look at all the other ninjer flicks at that time. None of them showed ninjutsu, most of them didn’t even show Japanese Styles. At least this movie shows something familiar to Japanese arts.

Other movies take themselves way too serious (American Ninja, anyone?). White Phantom is low level fun, but without ridiculous exaggerated action every two scenes, and to me, that is worth a LOT! No wire fu, no flying ninjer, no ninjer who can teleport or make themselves invisible.

So in short: White Phantom offers a bit of fun, Japanese style of Martial Arts, no exaggeration and no “too serious” feeling. I don’t see the problem at all.

not bad at all

This movie is not terrible. I’ve seen worse. In the late 80’s, ninja movies were in and this was one of them. Sure the fight-choreography is slow, but the dance choreography rocks. Page Leong is sexy in this!!! It could have had a little nudity, but eh, what’re you gonna do? Also the story is better than a lot of the cgi loaded garbage that is in theaters these days. This movie is campy and fun. I’ll bet Quentin Tarantino likes this movie. Bo Svenson ruled as Colonel Slater. If you like pro wrestling, you’ll like this flick. Storytelling for it’s own sake. Like Shakespeare said, “The play is the thing.”. This movie is probably hard to find, but if you can find it I’d recommend picking it up.

Jay Roberts Jr. is clearly a national treasure

When a bunch of ninjas in camouflage steal a box of weapons-grade plutonium, capable of a 5 megaton blast, from a truck driven by a slob eating a sloppy burger, the evil Sakura family goes from asking protection money from bookstores and nightclubs to the big leagues of international crime. Colonel Slater (Svenson) is on the case, chasing the nefarious family all over what we think is Japan (?) – and is using dancer Mei Lin as the undercover operative trying to get all the secrets she can from head of the family Hanzo (Jimmy Lee). Things get shaken up big time when a mysterious American stranger enters the picture…
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