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Which Way To The Front?

Which Way To The Front?

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Which Way To The Front?  Brendan Byers III, one of the richest men in America, has been pronounced 4-F and can’t serve his country in it’s fight against Hitler. However, Byers is not the kind of man who takes “No” for an answer and so a recruits other 4-F’s to fight against the Axis powers.

The Not So Dirty Half Dozen…

Which Way To The Front?  I think this movie is the most misunderstood film in Jerry Lewis career. It’s little slow starting, but after it gets going is very funny & Jerry’s use of irony like never before in his earlier films…, ie, Who’s Minding the Store, The Nutty Professor, etc., the idea, is clear, it’s a mock of the Dirty Dozen, instead of getting soldiers on death row to do a suicide mission as in that film, you have 4, 4-f’s & 2 tag alongs. Including the Former L.A. Dodgers all-star Centerfielder, Willie Davis as Linc! HILARIOUS! Love that Movie!

Comedy genius


Which Way To The Front?  For some inexplicable reason, Jerry’s movies often seemed to come in for diatribes from certain quarters although they were rarely box office disappointments. It’s one of life’s great mysteries to me because his films have always had a ‘feel good’ factor about them for me. But this film is not only not bad: it’s an exceedingly good and clever comedy. To those who may be tickled by ‘modern’ crude or cruel humour, don’t see this film: There’s nothing in it like that and you’ll be wasting your time.

I’ve only seen this film once on the television. I’ve waited ever since to see it again and that’s been quite a few years. You’d think the idea of an arrogant millionaire businessman heading off to win the war against the Nazis with his own small private army of subservient employees would be boring wouldn’t you? Well only Jerry Lewis would dare try such a plot for an out and out comedy and it works, I have to say, brilliantly.

I think that, as with ‘The Nutty Professor’ and most of his other films, this movie is testimony to his comic genius, both in concept and execution. I think Buddy Love might have said, “You know, true comedy can not only make a six year old hysterical, it’ll do that for his Dad too.” Maybe a few nutty Nazis generals with monocles and a limp would dislike this movie, honestly. If you only see one more comedy in your life, see this one. Be careful though, you might die laughing. And I’m not joking!

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