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To Dance With The White Dog

To Dance With The White Dog

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To Dance With The White Dog  This is the touching story of an elderly widower trying to work through his grief. When Sam Peek’s beloved wife, Cora, dies, a white dog suddenly materializes as his new companion and confidant. Sam takes the dog on a nostalgic journey which dramatizes the fulfillment he shared with his departed wife.

Simply one of the best

To Dance With The White Dog  As a fan of good made for TV movies, I watched this one with great interest, also being a Jessica Tandy and Hume Cronyn fan from way back, and having read the book, I wondered if they would be able to translate the depth of feeling that the book conveyed to the screen.

I need not have feared, To Dance With The White Dog is a marvellous movie, as the swansong of this marvellous pair of actors, acting together, it not only lives up to the depth of love and belonging portrayed in the book, it surpasses it.

Hume Cronyn is marvellous in his role, he was such a fine actor that not once did I feel that this was just a movie, it was made real for me, and that is the mark of a great movie.

This is a story about love, about a love so strong that it survives even after death, and about caring and coping with grief, the story of man who when his wife dies feels like he just can’t go on without her, and she returns as a white dog to help him cope with his grief and to learn to live again.

I admit to having a bias towards “weepy” movies like this, but still I think this is a wonderful feel good movie that most people would enjoy

Willing to Continue the Perfect Marriage Allows It to Be So

To Dance With The White Dog  As others have said so well, Hume & Jessica as Mr. Sam & Beloved Cora, make this little (but so important) movie to not only entertain the viewers, but to draw them in so closely, they dare not resist ‘being’ with the characters … it would not do to simply observe this oh, so true-to-Life tale of true love that therein lasted 57 years; What they shared was so far beyond just “man meets woman” “falls in love” “raise a large family of willingly loving members” “then die” … for we are invited-nay, demanded, to participate in the activities as well as the beautiful reminiscences relived in soft, vivid, “passionate reverie.” ** The family interaction is so real, so wholesome, while being at once highly refined and quite humorous portrayals of our own brothers and sisters, complete with the squabbling, the joint concerns — even the near neurotic imaginings and over-reactions, that remind us to never, ever simply react, but rather to determinedly intend to live our lives fully, while fully being just who we are — really, down deep where we recognize how humble, yet proud of our family ties, we all need to be! What more do we live for? ** I absolutely loved this film and have converted it onto DVD so as to be better able to relive those dear moments again and again, as I too approach 57 years with my darling “best friend” and life companion. My parents were together 52 years (the 2nd marriage for mother, the first for dad) and my wife’s parents continue in their 63rd very close years together. With examples like these, we wonder why the divorce rate could possibly be at 51% today … as tragically it is.



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