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Thicker Than Water

Thicker Than Water

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Thicker Than Water  After discovering her late father once married a rodeo queen, an attorney travels into horse country and finds more family.

There were never such devoted sisters

Thicker Than Water Melissa Gilbert gets the shock of her life in Thicker Than Water after her father dies. She’s a high powered attorney at one of Los Angeles’s best white shoe law firms and just getting used to the idea that both of her parents are now deceased. Then the family friend Nan Martin drops an envelope on her with the news that her father had a wife before he married Mom. The first wife was a trick rider Rodeo Queen. As her father was a most conservative sort, that’s something she can’t figure.

She goes in search of wife one and finds a graveyard with another daughter mourning her passing. The daughter is Lindsay Wagner and the half sisters after a bit of getting used to bond quite well.

In fact a lawyer who is a sister of any kind comes in quite handy for Wagner who is having a dispute with her neighbor and landlord Granger Hines about water rights and the fact that Lindsay is caring for some wild horses still roaming the range. And there’s romance for Gilbert in the person of veterinarian Brian Wimmer.

Thicker Than Water is a nice Hallmark Channel production with good roles for both Wagner and Gilbert. I’m sure that is one of the reasons they signed for this film. It’s an easy to take film with people you will grow to care about.

A Good Family Movie to Watch

My wife and I have watched Thicker Than Water starring Melissa Gilbert several times and we enjoy the movie. It’s got an interesting and rather unusual plot about two half sisters that find each other, each living in quite different spheres. One sister is a lawyer in LA and the other a rancher who honours her mother’s memory by taking care of mustangs. Both women share a father who led a secretive past.

One thing we like about this movie is that it is clean. There isn’t one cuss word in it.

The scenery is exceptionally beautiful.

It is a touching movie which one discovers as the movie unfolds.

We would highly recommend it for family viewing.

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