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The Ultimate Solution Of Grace Quigley

The Ultimate Solution Of Grace Quigley

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The Ultimate Solution Of Grace Quigley is nearing the end of her life, living alone in her New York apartment. One day she witnesses a murder being committed by top hit-man, Seymour Flint. She decides to blackmail him into killing her, however, she has one or two friends he has to get rid of first.

A delightful black comedy about assisted suicide.

Grace Quigley (Katherine Hepburn), an elderly woman, witnesses a hit man, Seymour Flint (Nick Nolte), in action. She finds that he has dropped his wallet and learns his identity. She then blackmails him into killing her, since she is elderly and has no reason to live but lacks the courage to take her own life. However he quickly develops a fondness for her, as a surrogate mother and so can not kill her. Instead they start assisting in the suicides of friends of Grace who no longer wish to live. The film is black comedy at its best and is one of my favourite films. The characters are likable and, wierdly, we end up rooting for them to die. Nolte’s role as a sentimental hit man and his relationship with Grace are particularly amusing. This film is not for those who have a strong repugnant feeling against suicide but if you enjoy the bizarre, then you may very well like this film. If you do, then you could also like Harold and Maude.

Surprisingly pointed, surprisingly funny black comedy…

The Ultimate Solution Of Grace Quigley Katharine Hepburn in a Cannon production? Yes, and though the color process on the photography is typically brackish and the technical aspects of “Grace Quigley” seem slapdash, this turns out to be a quirky, exceptionally funny piece about a hit-man’s friendship with an elderly woman in New York. Reportedly, Hepburn and Nick Nolte clashed during filming, but you’d never suspect that from the finished returns (they have an easy rapport). The crux of the plot (that aged folks would rather die mercifully at the hands of a hired killer then live in loneliness or pain) was controversial in 1984–and still smacks of bad taste–yet director Anthony Harvey keeps the whole thing bubbling like the most genial of comedies. As for Kate, she’s feisty as usual, but also delightfully daffy and loose; she’s a team player

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