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The Thundering Herd

The Thundering Herd

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The Thundering Herd  Both Sprague and Jett and their crews are hunting buffalo. Doan is with Sprague and is looking for the Jett outfit where his girlfriend Milly is being held against her will. In addition to the thieving Jett who is stealing Sprague’s furs, the Indians are gathering to attack all the white buffalo hunters.

Oh, Give Me A Home Where The Buffalo Roam.


The Thundering Herd  This is one of a group of westerns that Randolph Scott’s home studio of Paramount assigned to him. Filmed previously as a silent and taking use of a lot of the action sequences from the silent version, Thundering Herd’s source was one of Zane Grey’s novels.

This is not the Randolph Scott we became acquainted with post World War Two in the westerns he did then. He plays a callow youth here, although he’s 35 in real life. He’s in the employ of a Harry Carey and Raymond Hatton, partners in a buffalo hunting outfit. Carey and Hatton run an honest group, but there’s a rival outfit headed by Noah Beery, Sr. which gets hides the easy way, murdering whites and/or Indians for them.

Randolph Scott has a hankering for Judith Allen who’s Beery’s stepdaughter. Of course so has Beery to the discomfort of his wife, Blanche Frederici. Throw in a buffalo stampede and an Indian attack and I think you can figure the rest out.

It’s good action from Paramount’s B picture unit.

Action galore within a well-crafted and beautifully presented story make this one of the very best B westerns ever made.

Randolph Scott’s mustache is rather jarring, to those of us who have never seen him with one, but he gives an excellent and athletic performance, joined by one of the finest casts ever assembled in a B western.

Bad guys are really bad, with Noah Beery giving one of his best performances as the worst of the bad guys … although Mrs. Bad Guy is about as rough and evil as any woman I’ve ever seen in a B western.

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