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The Singing Nun

The Singing Nun

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The Singing Nun Young and inexperienced Sister Ann has just arrived at her next posting at Samaritan House, a Dominican order located in a disreputable neighborhood of Ghent, Belgium. Sister Ann is enthusiastic, progressive but naive, all which irks one of the senior sisters, Sister Cluny, especially the fact that Sister Ann has a prized material possession, a guitar she’s named Adele. Sister Ann considers Adele and her music to be her friends. Contrary to Sister Cluny, the Mother Prioress believes Sister Ann will be a welcome addition to their order. This posting is to be the training ground for Sister Ann and others to become missionaries in Africa. Sister Ann’s path takes a detour when the order’s Father Clementi hears Sister Ann sing. He believes Sister Ann should record her music and as a favor asks Robert Gerarde of Primavera Records for recording time. Unknown at the time the request is made, Robert and Sister Ann are old friends who attended the Paris Conservatory of Music together five years…

a most pleasurable trip back in time..


The singing nun is a refreshing trip back in time — when movies were uplifting and you left the theater feeling good about yourself and inspired.

any commenter can check off a list of flaws, unbelievable characters, improbable plot lines, etc. the fact that this story is based on a real-life nun is irrelevant. it’s an inspiring story in it’s purest form. real-life has a way of intruding on our dreams no matter what our intentions or who we are. same with the real singing nun. if you watch this movie with an open mind and check your cynicism at the door, you’ll be rewarded with an uplifting experience.

debbie reynolds is in fine voice, as all the other comments seem to point out. the cast is strong and good. the music, if you grew up in the catholic church or any number of protestant churches in the 60’s and 70’s, will be familiar.

as a bonus, my 9 year-old daughter watched it with me recently on tcm and loved it. i didn’t have to worry about any questionable scenes, a refreshing change nowadays.

so, there you have it from a rock and roll dad, still no saint, but touched nonetheless by a simple movie with a simple message. helping people less fortunate than us. what a concept.

The Nun’s Story

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