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The Riddle Of The Stinson

The Riddle Of The Stinson

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Riddle Of The Stinson In 1937, a routine passenger and mail flight crashes during bad weather on a flight between Brisbane and Sydney. A local bushman begins a search, and finds the wreckage and two survivors ten days after the crash.

Cracking Aussie film

Riddle Of The Stinson I love this film. I caught it by chance one night on TV many many years ago and have tried to locate a copy ever since. Now that I have found one and have been able to watch it again I can see why it made such an impression.

True stories always intrigue me and with the added bonus of old planes and great scenery it’s a must. Great acting too and a heart warming human story, with a real ‘Aussie’ feel about it. The period feel is beautifully captured.

An excellent Australian movie…

This is one of those films that because it was made for TV it really never got enough screening to give it the credit it was truly due. The acting and directing is superb and the storyline based on fact makes the whole thing riveting from beginning to the end. We are taken with a small group of passengers into a nightmare situation as their light aircraft crashes in the middle of an immensely forested area in Australia’s Great Dividing Range. That’s bad enough, but to make matters worse the captain had to change course to avoid a storm ahead of them and wasn’t able get through on the radio before they went down. Consequently the search and rescue team are looking in the wrong place for the survivors. The hopelessness of the survivors is graphically shown in all its raw detail even to the fact that the forest canopy is hardly marked where the plane went in adding even more to their terrible plight. A truly excellent piece of work by all concerned.

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