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The Only Way

The Only Way

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The Only Way  A Jewish family try to escape from Denmark in October 1943 during the German occupation.

Touching and straight-forward.

The Only Way  With great acting on all accounts with other good aspect (including Art/Set decoration and Music Score) this becomes a great movie detailing about the heroism of the Danish Christians in protecting their Jews from the Nazis. All actors perform brilliantly making this a should-see movie. Especially for movies telling about Danes helping to save their Jewish population from the Nazi concentration camps.

Well made film of humanity triumphant over evil for a change

This was made years before most knew of Oscar Schindler; who was German (and in the Nazi party) but this was a more simply done film. Its a humble work compared to Spielberg’s story of decency winning over greed & apathy. From 1970 Less budget but its aged ok. If you get a chance to see it I recommend this film. May make you research the history of the Scandinavians role in WW2. Which is complex for sure. Living under occupation would be a real terrifying balancing act for those who didn’t welcome their new overlords. When people do nothing we know what HAPPENED in WW2. Examples are shown here as well. This is a story about those who refused to aid in the first stages of the eventual genocide. And then risked alot to save people. Ordinary folks here are just better at knowing real danger. Street level… neighbours talking to each other. Once was a normal thing. I hope this film plays more on streaming etc. It reminds us hope is still valid even during the most hateful chapters of our history. The music was a tad annoying but the use of real Danish & German actors gave this a realistic feel to it. If anything it was probably too tidy. Glad they made this though. Real Jewish-Anglo actress Jane Seymore looks 17 BTW. Oh thats likely cause she was just a teen.

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