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The Norseman

The Norseman

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The Norseman  An eleventh century Viking Prince sails to America to find his father, who on a previous voyage had been captured by Indians.  Before Columbus was born, a reckless band of blonde giants sailed to an unknown land we now call America. There a new peril awaited them – the savage warriors of the Iroquois nation. Thus began an epic adventure

I loved it!!!

The Norseman  I think it’s a comedy… I think many people approach this film without considering it’s satirical humor, and the 11th century wrist watch.

Satirical humor. Pseudo based on a Viking legend and the Vinland discovery in the Norse sagas. While it’s not something I would refer people to for academic purposes, it is a corny, awful film only fans of Norse mythology and Vikings might enjoy.

The acting is mostly amateur at best and the Native’s are entirely white people running around half nude, it’s a total boob film. It’s not a magical piece but you may enjoy the humor of it’s bizarre pacing but the sword battles I found enjoyable.

The Norseman

I’m sure that these points were made in the other member post, but I didn’t read it because the guy was so long winded. Lee Majors is The Norseman, who pronounces it as Noors-man, there is a black viking who wears the tongue of an enemy around his neck, a wizard who’s face has never been seen, yet we see it throughout the film, and vikings being killed by getting an arrow to the ass. This movie is GREAT, if you are the type of person who feels that watching “bad” movies makes you stronger. I watched it with two friends and my younger brother, my two friends “hated” it, yet they were the ones showing it to me and this was not their first time watching it (on Video-Disc, no less!!). My brother and I loved it,
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