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The Magical Memory Tour

The Magical Memory Tour

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The Magical Memory Tour, Over sixty locations are visited and interviews take place with over twenty personalities with close associations with the Beatles including former classmate and founder of the ‘Mersey Beat’ newspaper Bill Harry; their first manager Alan Williams (the man who gave away the Beatles) and ‘Kingsize’ Taylor, the first rock ‘n roll player in Liverpool and fellow performer of the Star Club in Hamburg, Germany.

This is the perfect complimentary DVD to the Complete Beatles.

The Magical Memory Tour is a compliation of stories and facts by two men who would have known exactly how these four young men came together, their family backgrounds and the places they grew up in from their early childhood, through their teen years and into the very early years of “The Quarrymen” then to “The Beatles”. This is more in depth then the Complete Beatles in the very early years when the four men came together and struggled to forge their way to success.

Meet John’s Aunt Mimi and Uncle George through their closet friends and George’s sister Louise Harrison and hear the recollections during this incredible period of Rock’N’Roll history. Learn how the Fab Four got their first job in Hamberg and how it made them into a much tighter unit than they had been. Discover what John, Paul, George and Ringo got up to with the other musicians after the clubs closed their doors for the night.

Many of these early childhood experiences and play area’s became the basis for songs they later wrote. “Strawberry Fields” is one such song

This largely forgotten video is worth it’s weight in gold to the avid Beatles fan

Cannot Believe I have just found this DVD

This was “like manna from heaven” finding this DVD. I knew it existed but could never find it. Thank you Thank You Thank You

The Compleat Beatles

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