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The Love She Sought

The Love She Sought

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The Love She Sought, Aging school teacher Agatha McGee (Dame Angela Lansbury), at a Catholic grammar school in Minnesota, questions her life’s existence when she has to start battling new Bishop Richard Baker (Robert Prosky). As a result, she retires and moves to Ireland where she seeks an admirer, James O’Hannon (Denholm Elliott), with whom she has been corresponding for five years.

Great film

The Love She Sought, This is one of my favourite films and I would love to see it out on DVD. It gives real insight into the lives of two middle aged people, one a priest and one a school teacher. It is subtle and well thought out and I love to watch it.

I especially love how the feelings of the two main characters are demonstrated without using words, just by the perfect timing of mannerisms and movements. The film gives a sympathetic view of the relationship between the USA and Ireland, and also of the Catholic church; which though not a fashionable topic, is very interesting for an outsider. The plot also discusses the true meaning of long term relationships versus formal marriage, and stops short of finishing with a straightforward value judgement, which would sell the question short in my opinion. This story would appeal to Henry James fans I think.

Poignant Love Story
If you love “the Irish” and know that love happens…and not just to the young…this may be what you are looking for. It is a sweet story about a relationship that grows over years.You might be able to predict the ending but you will want to watch it again. Angelia is excellent …supporting cast could be stronger.If you liked “Shadowland” or “Simply Sarah” you will enjoy this! A story that a woman who has given much and served others can find something some happiness for herself.This might be in the category of a “chick flick” for mature women, but my spouse enjoyed it too! In comparison with more recent love stories it is far more subdued but a touching sweet story…wish we had more of them!


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