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The Lone Gun

The Lone Gun

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The Lone Gun  Cruze arrives in town and when he stands up to the three Moran brothers, he gets appointed Marshal. First the brothers kill a rancher while framing another man. But when the jailer is murdered, Cruze gets evidence the Morans did it. He tries to raise a posse to chase them down but the townsmen refuse to go. So he rides off by himself to face the three of them.

Good Montgomery film , has Dorothy Malone and Skip Homeier

The Lone Gun  The series of westerns George Montgomery made in the fifties had as a basic model the C westerns made by Monogram and Republic, but with the difference they had a bigger budget and a higher quality. They withstood the test of time quite impressively and when you see one today you realize that with all technical progress you cold not make them better or more actual fifty years later. In ‘The Lone Gun’ Montgomery gets friendly with a card player named Fairweather and when both arrive to a town Montgomery becomes the Marshal after fighting with some bullies. He suspects that stolen cattle is driven to a farm that belongs to a young brunette Dorothy Malone, and her brother Skip Homeier. Skip looks like a young James Coburn or Lee Marvin. Because of his friendship with Fairweather the town people begin to think Montgomery is an outlaw, and he will have to prove his honesty, also to win the heart of Malone. Good entertainment from beginning to end.

Ready Wit and a fast shuffle

In The Lone Gun, George Montgomery rides into town and immediately inherits the job as marshal after he handles the Moran brothers, the local toughs who are into a lot of the crime in the area. The Morans are played by tough guy actors Robert J. Wilke, Douglas Kennedy, and Neville Brand.

Among their criminal enterprises is cattle rustling and they’ve got a perfect hideout on the spread of brother and sister Dorothy Malone and Skip Homeier. Homeier is into the Morans on some gambling debts and they’re holding that over his head.

The other main character in this western is tinhorn gambler Frank Faylen who has a ready wit and a fast shuffle for all occasions. He and Montgomery form a Wyatt Earp/Doc Holiday like partnership. Faylen also took the Morans for plenty so they have it in for him as well.

The Lone Gun is an entertaining western in which all the players acquit themselves well in their performances. The story moves well and the direction is taut. A good one for B western fans.

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