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The Legend Of The Far Walks Woman

The Legend Of The Far Walks Woman

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The Legend Of The Far Walks Woman  Montana, 1874. Walks Far Woman is a squaw of the Blackfoot tribe. She takes revenge on two men who killed her husband and then she is ostracized by her tribe. She then is adopted by the Sioux, the tribe of her mother, and there she tries to start a new life.

Stars: Raquel Welch, Bradford Dillman, George Clutesi

111 min |  Western | 1980 | Color

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Story of a remarkable Sioux woman around time of Custer’s demise.

The Legend Of The Far Walks Woman  Raquel Welch stars as Walks Far Woman, who lives up to her name, walking from her native Blackfoot tribe to a Sioux encampment. Surprisingly, she was rather well received since her mother was Sioux and she spoke Sioux (probably Lakota) language. The screenplay then follows some of the events relating to her over the next few years, before, during, and after The Battle of the Little Bighorn.

She was unusually brave for a Sioux woman. When a Blackfoot, she had killed 2 men who had killed her husband. That’s why she ran away to the Sioux. Now, she challenged a brave to a foot race, which she barely lost. She won a bet that she could tame a wild horse, and thus won the horse. She refused to braid her hair, like other Sioux women, preferring it free flowing.She turns away an offer of marriage by a mixed race trader, saying she didn’t know the ways of whites, but would consider it in the future. He said in 10 years there would no longer be buffalo, and the Sioux would have to live like whites, farming. In the meanwhile, she married a brave called Horses Ghost.

Some men arrived telling about whites swarming over the Black Hills for ‘yellow iron’, and settling in the Powder River hunting ground area. The Sioux and other plains tribes would have to organize a defense. Soon thereafter, she gives birth to a girl. During the Battle of the Little Bighorn, Horses Ghost suffers a head injury, and is unconscious for a spell. After that, he is not quite normal, forgetting things and exhibiting rages. Her daughter is killed, apparently from a shrapnel fragment from a small cannon ball(probably from a Hotchkiss artillery gun). After that, Horses Ghost’s behavior became more unpredictable. Finally, he beats her with a whip, and she stabs him to death. She decides to leave her tribal encampment for fear of retribution by her husband’s family. She gets on the horse she won and rides away with a specific location in mind. I will stop here and let you find out the rest of the story by seeing the film.

This film was shot on location in several areas of Montana

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