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The Last Ride aka Ruby Jean and Joe

The Last Ride aka Ruby Jean and Joe

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The Last Ride aka Ruby Jean and Joe  The elderly and fading rodeo-rider Joe Wade (Tom Selleck) picks up the young female hitchhiker Ruby Jean (Rebekah Johnson). Even though that Joe is constantly being corrected by Ruby Jean their beginning friendship is growing. Their conversations on the road puts both of them in a position to deal with their lives.

a simple, endearing film that really hits home

The Last Ride aka Ruby Jean and Joe  This is a simple, endearing film that really hits home. Most people have been at an important crossroads at least once in their lives and know what it means to have someone there whose love can help you make decisions that might be harder, but in the long run, will be easier to live with. Everyone feels like Joe does in this film at least once in a lifetime. If we could all have a Ruby Jean in our lives, the world would be a better place. At first, you might think that the girl who plays Ruby Jean is doing a terrible acting job, but by the end of the film, you’ll realize she was perfect for what they were trying to accomplish with the character. She’s innocuous, intelligent, pure, and effervescent; and what appears to be a haphazard approach turns out to be perfect. Also, this might be my favorite Selleck role, and I’ve seen most of his films. He has moments of total perfection, particularly the scene where Ruby Jean confronts him about his drinking and the scene where he finally puts his roping horse out to pasture — understated and elegant acting.

A Very Thought Provoking Movie.

One of the “best” television movies made by Tom Selleck (just my opinion), that I’ve had the chance to see. The way Mr. Selleck and Ms. Johnson interacted in the film, gave me quite a bit of ‘food for thought’, in the way we (the young and old) treat each other, and the things we can learn from each other. Was interesting to find out that it was based on actual incidents that happened to the writer, who died right after the film was completed. Think he would have been proud of how it turned out. Also, just thought Mr. Kevin Lutton would like to know that unfortunately the powers that be in Hollywood, have still not recognized Ms. Johnson’s (actress’ name is Rebekah Johnson)talents. She only made one other film (don’t know if there’s anything else in the works at this time.) that I’m aware of. Hope to see her in more in the near future. Jean

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