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The Kettles On Old MacDonald's Farm

The Kettles On Old MacDonald's Farm

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The Kettles On Old MacDonald’s Farm  Ma and Pa do their bit to hook lumberman Brad Johnson up with spoiled socialite Sally Flemming. Ma teaches Sally how to behave like a hick so she’ll be compatible with Brad.

More good family fun!

I was eager to see  The Kettles on Old MacDonald’s Farm after recently watching the previous movie in the series and highly enjoying it. I’d loved the first eight Kettle flicks as a kid, but it took me several years to finally catch the ninth movie in the series (“The Kettles In The Ozarks”). I was so entertained by it that I just couldn’t wait to see part ten and “The Kettles on Old MacDonald’s Farm” didn’t let me down! There’s a different actor playing Pa Kettle, but he’s a fine replacement and once again the Kettle clan delivers the goods! There really isn’t a bad egg in the entire Kettle series. These movies may not be considered artistic masterpieces, but they are dang good fun!

the Kettle family rides into the sunset

The Kettles On Old MacDonald’s Farm In this very last chapter of the Kettle family, again minus the original Pa Kettle, there are more mis-understandings than an episode of Three’s Company! The whole problem is that one of the Kettle sons wants to marry the local neighbor girl, but HER own father doesn’t approve (and it’s not for the usual reasons!) This series had pretty much run its course after all these films, and the writing is showing its age. Fewer funny jokes, a different Pa Kettle, and lack of big names in this one contribute to the effort of making it through to the end. There ARE a couple of subplots to keep us interested (a curious bear, the gossipy towns-folk, and the marriage that almost happens a couple different times.) Even the ending is a let-down…but you’ll have to watch it for your self. Directed by Virgil Vogel, who had also directed the Kettles in “Waikiki”. I’ve never seen this one on Turner Classic Movies, but it IS included on the “Kettle Family Collection” recently released by Universal Studios. This was Marjorie Main’s last film, and after a couple of TV series appearances, she retired completely.

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