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The Fight Before Christmas aka Troublemakers

The Fight Before Christmas aka Troublemakers

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The Fight Before Christmas aka Troublemakers  Two brothers who hate each other are going to spend Christmas with their mother. She tries to get them together.

Sequel in which Hill and Spencer team up again as the valiant and roguish brothers

The Fight Before Christmas aka Troublemakers  The film deals about the famous brothers , Trinity and Bambino , both of whom are two likable bounty-hunters – Terence Hill and Bud Spencer – who hate each other . Their mother attempts to reunite them for the celebration of Christmas .

The film is based on a notorious poem , ¨ night before the Christmas ¨ , whose title was exhibited in many countries and is developed on an heart warming story . As always , they will confront enemies by means of continuous struggles without blood , neither gore , nor brutal murders . The fights are with no violence and predominates comedy and parody , the choreographic quarrels are lights and clean . The humor is continuous , laughters are based on physical differences and diverse personalities of the protagonists . Terence Hill plays as a sympathetic and rogue gunslinger with beautiful eyes and fast weapon . Bud Spencer as a corpulent, bouncing and grumpy man but with good heart , helping children and poor people and of course his weakness eating beans . Their silly characters have a certain resemblance to Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy . Storyline is a little bit ridiculous but has its enjoyable moments here and there . The picture was realized twenty some years later of ¨ Trinity ¨ and ¨ Trinity is still my name ¨ by E. B. Clucher that obtained much success , however this recent version was a flop because of Trinity and Bambino time had passed . Supposed to be the third part but due copyright problems it couldn’t be and is converted in an unofficial sequel. The film provided a nostalgic and familiar reunion of the agreeable pair and is only for their hardcore fans . Atmospheric and lively musical score by the Italian musician Pino Donaggio. The motion picture is regularly directed by Terence Hill who also directed and interpreted ¨ Lucky Luke ¨ in similar approaching to this one.

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