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The Boys Of St Vincent

The Boys Of St Vincent

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The Boys Of St Vincent  This movie is based on actual events, but it says it is not all about one specific incident. It documents St. Vincent’s Orphanage in Canada, where many of the boys suffer physical, emotional, and sexual abuse at the hands of the brothers who run the facility. When the stories are surfaced and a police investigation is begun, religious and political groups work to silence the story to keep it from reaching the public.

User Reviews

a movie you’ll never forget

The Boys Of St Vincent  This movie is disturbing and hard to watch sometimes, but I suggest every parent who get the chance to see this movie to do it. Who are these sick people anyway? How can anyone do something like this to a little boy? That boy being thrown into the wall, whipped with a belt buckle and carried up the dark stairs is an image I will never forget. The kids give great performances, especially little Morina. Then you have Czerny as the head priest. Talk about perfect casting. A great performance. Will give you chills. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say he was a child-molester, playing one so well. WATCH IT.

A Very Disturbing Movie

I just watched this movie again; lost track as to how many times that I’ve watched it and every time I find it hard because it’s a very disturbing movie. It’s so sad to see what those little boys go through. No child should have to go through such a horrible, sad and disturbing ordeal. I still can’t understand why in todays society that it’s still going on all over the world. You would think that people today no matter where they are; would not do such a thing anymore but unfortunately it’s still happening and probably will continue to happen forever and ever. It’s so sad and I feel really bad for those who go through it and if I could help every child deal with it; I would and give them my support to help them in anyway possible.

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