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The Blackwater Lightship

The Blackwater Lightship

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The Blackwater Lightship  When his A.I.D.S. reaches the terminal stages, gay Declan Kehoe (Keith McErlean) returns to his Irish coastal home, or actually grandma’s, near a lightship site. Caring boyfriends help him and his whining female relatives deal with unresolved family issues, as well as his physical syndrome. Three generations of secrets.


I have never seen a better movie on TV than “The Blackwater Lightship.”

Declan (Keith McErlean) is in his final stages of AIDS and decides to spend the last of his days at his grandmother Dora’s (Angela Lansbury) house. His mother Lily (Dianne Wiest) and sister Helen (Gina McKee) come to be with him, as well as two of his friends, Paul (Sam Robards) and Larry (Brian F. O’Byrne). As his family learns to accept the fact that he’s dying, they begin to mend their relationships with each other and to forget a long-time misunderstanding that had kept them apart for many years.

I can’t find the words to say what a strong, powerful, emotional movie this is about life and love. For fans of Angela Lansbury and Dianne Wiest, this is a must-see (although, of course, it’s a must-see for everyone). If you missed it when it aired in February, catch it when it’s on again…don’t forget to bring a box of tissues!

Generations of brilliance

The Blackwater Lightship is a rare television treat. Having read the book i was spectacle to view this production. However this film is rare as it exceeds the brilliance of the book. Acting legend and Oscar winner Dianne Wiest is the bravest performer in the film. Her character Lily is cold yet for Wiest to portray this from her usual loving characters is extraordinary. You feel a closer bond with Dianne’s character than any other. Angela Lansbury gives the funniest performance as Dora, the mad grandmother. A true treat to see her. Gina McKee however has the support of the audience in battling with her mother and grandmother and loosing her brother to AIDS. Its rare to see the portrayal of three women who has loose connections with one another to be shown in such a sentimental and loving way. A true classic! The three generations of actresses are magnificent and this film will be viewed as a brilliant portrayal of the affects AIDS has on a family.

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