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The 7th Dawn

The 7th Dawn

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The 7th Dawn   The end of WW2 finds Major Ferris fighting alongside guerrilla groups in the jungles of Malaysia. Major Ferris is an American who was attached to the Australian 8th Army and stayed behind to co-ordinate native guerrilla groups. When the Japanese unconditionally surrender, everyone is rejoicing but a British officer pertinently comments that although the Malaysian people aided the British to defeat the Japanese their allegiance will shift and they might not be so friendly towards the British in the near future. Malaysia is a British colony and like many other colonies it struggles to gain its independence from the European powers. Major Ferris’ closest friend and comrade during the war, Malaysian colonel Ng, is asked by Ferris to join him into a business venture. Ferris has purchased a few acres of land rich in rubber trees and tin mines. He offers Ng an equal partnership in the venture but colonel Ng refuses. He explains that he has to go to Moscow to study at a school for political …

Criminally Underated

The 7th Dawn   For years I would notice this in television guides rated as one check or one star, right down there with Attack of The Killer Tomatoes. I have often puzzled at who is responsible for this and other way-off subjective ratings I have seen.

This movie was a two star movie just for Freddie Young’s photography.

While not up there with The Bridge On The River Kwai, I believe this film is worthy of being rated higher than hundreds I have seen rated with two and three stars.

This film has some fine performances by Susannah York, Capucine, and Tetsuro Tamba, as well as William Holden.

This film has one of the most beautiful opening scenes of any picture I have seen, coupled with the music of Riz Ortolani, which I believe only Freddie Young’s gifted artistic photo talents could have accomplished.

The only possible reason for it’s low rating that I could think of, was the era it was released, when anti-war sentiments were building towards Viet Nam. At any rate, personal point of views should not affect the grading of art forms, and is a travesty to truth.

633 Squadron

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