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That's Entertainment III

That's Entertainment III

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That’s Entertainment III  Some of MGM’s musical stars review the studio’s history of musicals. From The Hollywood Revue of 1929 (1929) to Brigadoon (1954), from the first musical talkies to Gene Kelly in Singin’ in the Rain (1952), are examined.

Pleasantly surprised

That’s Entertainment III   The third installment of musical clips from the MGM vaults. I’m a sucker for musicals and “That’s Entertainment! III” was a huge surprise. I thoroughly liked the first part (“That’s Entertainment!”); the second installment (“That’s Entertainment, Part II”) was decent but not that memorable, but this third compilation towers over its predecessors. One of the riches of the “That’s Entertainment!III” is that the filmmakers are very critical and passionate about the subject. As much as they are paying homage to the glory of the MGM dream factory, they are also depicting the skill and the hard work that go along with it. This is perhaps the reason serious film critics seem to rhapsodize about it. Lots of pleasant & glorious moments, featuring many musical numbers, most of them cut from the original releases. Particularly revealing are: Eleanor Powell’s tap dancing in “Lady Be Good” (in split-screen while the camera moving along with her); Lena Horne speaks about the prejudiced policies at MGM, introducing a nice censored bath scene from “A Cabin the Sky”; and Debbie Reynolds’ rare number “You’re My Lucky Star”, cut from “Singin’ in the Rain”. That’s Entertainment III

A wonderful tribute to a simpler era.

That’s Entertainment III   The movies highlighted in all 3 That’s Entertainment! films makes you feel a bit sad. Sad that the world has lost so much innocence so quickly. The difference between the great MGM musicals and the effects-filled action films of today is incredible – and the last MGM musical was only made 49 years ago. And what a difference that 49 years has made! This instalment of the That’s Entertainment! series is very interesting from an historical perspective. We see many deleted dance sequences, and a few behind-the-scenes views of great numbers. It was very nice to have Leena Horne featured so much as well, and her candid comments about Hollywood’s attitude to her as a black performer was very moving. And its always pure joy to watch Fred Astaire doing what he does best – showing us all he was the greatest dancer who will ever live.  That’s Entertainment III

All-in-all, this film is a terrific addition to the That’s Entertainment! series, and a film all movie buffs and movie historians must see. I don’t think its as good as TE! 1, but its much better than TE! 2.

That’s Dancing

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