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That'll Be The Day

That'll Be The Day

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That’ll Be The Day  Abandoned by his father at an early age, Jim MacLaine (David Essex) seems to have inherited the old man’s restlessness. Despite his apparent intelligence, Jim decides not to take the exams that would pave his way to university. He lives, for a time, a life consisting of dead-end jobs and meaningless sex, before returning home to work in his mother’s shop. But still he can’t settle down. He begins to think that the life of a pop musician might be the thing for him.

Superb film with great performance by Essex

That’ll Be The Day  ITV have just shown the Jim Maclaine(David Essex) films of which this is the first and Stardust is the second and as an avid supporter and fan of sixties and seventies British cinema i thought i had to check it out.

It doesn’t disappoint with its gritty evocation of a fifties childhood with a lack of a father figure. Jim then turns to the Rock and Roll world when he buys a guitar from a pawn shop at the end. His rise and fall is taken up in Stardust with Adam Faith taking the Ringo Starr role as Mike.

Great, forgotten film with superior performances from Essex and Ringo Starr and a good cameo from Keith Moon and Billy Fury.

Keep rockin’ and rollin’! Speaking of which, why isn’t the sequel available on DVD?


Probably the best portrayal of the ’50s rebel culture has working-class Brit Jim MacLaine (David Essex) with a chip on his shoulder – due to his father abandoning the family – and doesn’t care about school; he’s into rock ‘n’ roll. His friend Mike (Ringo Starr) is no more responsible but gets Jim some jobs. But after everything, Jim sees fit only – and I mean ONLY – to play music.

Aside from the fact that this was a really good movie, I should identify that there was a sequel called “Stardust”. I’ve never seen that one, as it’s never been released on DVD. WHY NOT?! Considering how good this one was, why can’t the latter get released on

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