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Thank God It's Friday

Thank God It's Friday

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Thank God It’s Friday, It’s Friday and everyone is going to the hot new disco. The Commodores are scheduled to play if Floyd shows up with the instruments and Nicole dreams of becoming a disco star. Other characters are there to win the dance contest, or to put a little excitement into a fifth anniversary.

Still a great movie

Thank God It’s Friday,   OK, true, it’s dated, and shows its age, and this movie is far from a classic. What the hell?, see it anyway!!. This movie took place at a long gone disco in Los Angeles (Osco’s), a favorite hangout of mine back when I lived in L.A. Even though the story is a bit far-fetched, its the DANCING, and MUSIC that brings this movie alive.

This is a fun movie, about a fun almost hedonistic period (remember, this was pre AIDS), when pretty much life was about just having a good time.

The one thing I remember most about the disco period is this: There seemed to be very few lines that divided, the rich, poor, black, white, name it… we all went to the same clubs, and listened to the same music. This is something you’ll see represented in this movie, this cast was about a group of people that in todays society, would hardly be seen on the same street.

The group I’d recommend seeing this film now? young people around 15 to 25, maybe give them a little more focus as to why their parents are so weird!!!

Wow…so many good actors in this film!!!
 Debra winger, Jeff Goldblum,the disco queens herself Donna Summer??

That’s right! You bet your sweet !!! LOL The new DVD has been digitally transferred to High Defenition!! It looks and Sounds GREAT !!

Let’s go back to Los Angeles 1978 ! Great soundtrack, Diana Ross, The Commodores, The Village People, Oscar winner songwriter for Last Dance Paul Jabara, Pattie Brooks, basically the entire Casablance label was featured in this film!

This movie was rated PG, even tho it includes graphic drug use in many scenes, but back then I guess it was normal.

I recommend this fun movie for a rainy Friday night!

Can’t Stop the Music

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