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Tears In The Rain

Tears In The Rain

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Tears In The Rain : Storyline


Tears In The Rain When Casey Cantrell’s mother died, her last wish was that her daughter would give a letter to Lord Richard Bredon, living in the UK. When Casey arrives in London, Lord Bredon denies ever having known her mother. Casey meets Lord Bredon’s son Michael and both fall in love. When Lord Bredon realizes this new relationship he gets really angry, assuming Casey wants to blackmail his family somehow, and begins to investigate her background. The plot heightens dramatically when it appears that an event from the past might part the lovers.

Story of lasting love

Tears In The Rain Those with a cynical view or experience of love need not bother with this movie. Those who have dreamed that love could be deep and lasting will enjoy this movie but find it unrealistic. Those who have experienced this type of love will be gratified watching this movie and will find such a love very well and accurately depicted.

It is sad that the Shakespearean actor Paul Daneman, who gave such a nuanced and convincing portrayal of the middle age man whose love never ends, has recently died. His performance gave this movie its seriousness and credibility. Sharon Stone gave the performance of her life in this early film. This role provided a range of emotions and situations and she portrayed every one of them movingly and accurately. Her vivacious and multifaceted character is one every man will fall in love with.

It is unfortunate for move lovers that this film was so poorly and so briefly promoted that millions who would have loved it will never see it.


This early film starring Sharon Stone is one that you don’t want to miss. Great performances by Christopher Cazenove and Paul Daneman compliment Ms. Stone. This is a very compelling and realistic movie. It takes you through the sense of loss, adventure, falling in love, happiness, disappointment, anger, heart-wrenching sadness, and exhilarated happiness. Believe me, once you start this movie, you won’t want to leave for a minute. I can’t believe I hadn’t seen it before now. Great for all ages and the romantics at heart. It’s one of those movies that you end up saying to yourself, “only in the movies” with the perfect ending. I plan to add this movie to my collection in the future.

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