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Stewardess School

Stewardess School

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Stewardess School  typical 80’s teen pseudo-sex comedy. A group of varied misfits (including a former prostitute/stripper and a bumbler who can’t see more than 6 inches in front of his face) enter a school to become flight attendants. Somehow, the group makes it through to the final test: a cross-country flight.

Ampy 80’s Comedy Classic

Stewardess School I’m not going to try and pretend and be some professional reviewer. If you love campy 80’s flicks this is one for you! The three most memorable scenes, the effeminate helping the old lady with her belt buckle, the ex prostitute relaxing the freaking out passenger lol. Oh and one other when the chubby girl and ex prostitute go for their physicals. This movie is so underrated and deserves more than three stars. After 20 plus years it still makes me laugh and deserves a 10+. Someone, release this on DVD already!!!! I don’t know how long my 23 year old VHS is going to hold out! This movie is right up there in my books with these other campy classics: One Crazy Summer, Cleo Leo,Gung Ho,Short Circuit,Mannequin(hollllllywooood),My Mom’s a Were Wolf, The Munchies, Baghdad cafe and so many more.

Silly fun.

You have to remember that a great many of the movies from the 80’s were designed for people who were either too stoned to pay much attention, or too busy working to spend a lot of energy on plots. This movie is entertaining, not because of the plot which is stupid, or the acting, which is mediocre at best, but because of the array of characters. A former (?) hooker, a rich-brat turned punker, a horny guy, a flamboyantly gay guy, a myopic would-be aviator, the “fat-chick”, etc. These characters behave as we expect and the one-line jokes hit more than miss. Watching this movie is a great way to waste a couple of hours.

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