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Stepfather 3

Stepfather 3

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Stepfather 3  That psycho stepfather has escaped from the insane asylum and had his face surgically altered. Now he’s married again, this time to a woman with a child in a wheelchair. He goes on a killing spree once again.

Much Better Than Expected

Stepfather 3  I recall starting to watch this on cable when it made its debut back in 1992. My first impression was that it looked cheap, and I didn’t finish watching it. Now, in 2005, I finally got to see it from beginning to end. It is surprisingly good for a made-for-cable movie, and it stands up to Stepfather II, at the very least. Terry O’Quinn does not return to his role in this one, he is replaced by Robert Wightman. The change in appearance is explained (and shown) by plastic surgery. In fact, the whole plot seems to revolve around it. The plastic surgery sequence is particularly unsettling, as the stepfather undergoes the procedure without any anesthesia, and by a ‘back-alley’ plastic surgeon. Unfortunately, Robert Wightman is the weakest part of the production. His acting, when he is suppose to be normal, is just awful. He only shines in his moments when he loses his cool (that is probably how he got the part, auditioning as the ‘crazy’ stepfather). Priscilla Barnes carries the whole movie. She is very good, and it’s a serious, dramatic role for her. Season Hubley is also very good in a strong supporting role. Worth checking out, it makes a good ‘guilty pleasure.’

unusual movie

You know, i sort of liked this one even though Terry O’Quinn wasn’t in it. The things i liked about this is the brilliant idea of plastic surgery on a killer’s face, and the way Robert Wightman portrayed the stepfather as a Terry O’Quinn Wannabe. When I first saw this one i kind of laughed at who played the stepfather because the last time i saw Wightman was when he replaced Richard Thomas as John Boy Walton, so in the long run John Boy Walton is playing the stepfather who seemed to be of a goofy version of O’Quinn, but on the other hand, perhaps if he was crazy enough to take the role of John Boy Walton i guess he would be crazy enough to play a psychotic perfect family man. Just keep all that in mind when you ask why they would choose Wightman as the stepfather. As for the rest of the cast, Priscilla Barnes did not seem to be the vulnerable victim, it looked like Season Hubley had that part. David Tom was cast perfectly as the son, but did they really have to put him in a wheelchair. John Ingle as the priest was no surprise because he played a priest a lot.
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