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Sink The Bismark

Sink The Bismark

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Sink The Bismark  The very name Bismarck invoked the dreadful spectra of war. At 50,000 tons she was sleek, fast and powerfully armed. Within four days of her escape into the North Atlantic, she had utterly destroyed the pride of the British fleet, HMS Hood and triumphed over the battleship Prince Of Wales. The unthinkable naval disaster sent outraged shockwaves throughout a beleaguered nation, prompting the command “Sink The Bismarck!” This program presents rarely seen film footage and the enthralling accounts of survivors and eyewitnesses, retrace the events that led to and triggered, arguably the most famous, violent and bloody sea chase in the annals of Naval Warfare. Some film footage contains sound distractions.

More propaganda than heroism

Sink The Bismark  The meanwhile approved theory that the Bismarck sank because the Germans did the sinking themselves would only be one more mosaic piece to the phenomenon that the Germans astonishingly knew how to build war-ships. But the British? Apparently not sufficiently. I say astonishingly because the Germans did not start with it long before WW I, having no experience like the other sea nations. The British Navy had a long tradition of being the supreme Sea-Power for more than 3 centuries. This made them perhaps believe that there was no real threat from the “hun” land-rats. But the British ignorance is too apparently one reason for the sinking of the Hood. The Hood was a WWI built ship. If the British would have learned their lesson in the Battle of Jutland and other naval battles of WW 1 with the German “Hochseeflotte” they would have never send the Hood and the not so much stronger Prince of Wales against the two brand new German ships /the other the cruiser Prinz Eugen). Naval experts and all who study the matter know well why British warships had extreme difficulties to stand against comparable German warships. I mention here only two facts: 1. the German ships were better armoured, this meant constructed to give a most perfect protection (the British ships being build lighter for more speed could be the winner for the battle with the big Spanish armada, but that was some hundred years ago). I quote a British Admiral at the Battle of Jutland, after two or three of their battleships exploded in a similar way the Hood did 25 years later: “Something must be wrong today with our ships!” How right he was. The mistake in construction of the British ships were apparent, but no decisions were made. The Hood got a better armour after WW 1, but the Germans got a better artillery and munition as well! 2. the German had the superior artillery. They were able to hit the target in short time of execution. The German artillery was already superior in WW 1. This was a question of development. The German war industry in the first half of the 20. century took advantage of the highly developed German capabilities of engineering – by the way, not to the benefit of the Germans.

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