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Satellite in the Sky

Satellite in the Sky

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Satellite in the Sky,  A crew of astronauts, including a scientist and a reporter, launch from England into outer space on a rocket which can serve as a satellite. Their mission is to test a new tritonium bomb, but after the bomb fails to repel itself from the ship, the crew has only a matter of hours to defuse or destroy the weapon before it explodes.

One of the “lost classics” of 1950s Sci-Fi

Satellite in the Sky,  This well-made British science fiction story concerns the crew of a test rocket on which a lady reporter (Lois Maxwell) stows away. Kieron Moore plays the pilot of the rocket sent into orbit in connection with the test of a new “Tritonium bomb”. Donald Wolfit plays the bomb’s inventor.

After releasing he bomb, it’s internal propulsion system fails and it becomes attached to the hull of the spacecraft. All attempts to dislodge it are unsuccessful, so the bomb’s inventor takes drastic action to deal with the situation. Satellite in the Sky

Director Paul Dickson presents an exciting and intelligent story. The special effects are both competent and exciting — which is no surprise in view of the fact that their creator, Wally Veevars, later worked on “2001”.

The special effects include the space scenes, an underground space complex, and a rocket which is launched from a horizontal track, similar to “When Worlds Collide”. Well-designed sets and props (especially the ship’s interior and the spacesuits) enhance this wonderful British entry. Satellite in the Sky

Currently this exceptional film is not available on either VHS or DVD. Hopefully, Mr. Wade Williams will eventually offer it as part of his wonderful, high-quality collection.

A nice, literate 50’s sci-fi effort with great production values. Worthwhile!!

This little seen film is definitely worth seeking out for fans of 50’s sci-fi that concerns space travel. It has very nice production values, something along the lines of KRONOS, and is equally entertaining.

Good acting, intelligent script, nice matte paintings and some pretty good effects using miniatures make this one an interesting watch throughout. Recommended mostly for fans of good, lost 50’s sci-fi!

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