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Run for Cover

Run for Cover

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Run for Cover  Odd little Western that gets off to a snappy start when a man (Matt Dow) is mistaken as a train robber. After the town’s sheriff shoots the kid he’s riding with, Dow clears his name and ends up as the new sheriff. He romances a Swedish woman and settles in to a peaceful life only to find that the boy has a few secrets of his own.

Most people don’t run for cover, they keep right on going…

Run for Cover  In April, 30, 1955 Bosley Crowther in the New York Times compared this film unfavorably with High Noon stating “there is little in “Run for Cover” to compare with the lean, leathery pictorial poetry and the stunning social comment of “High Noon.” For this William Pine-William Thomas Western, directed by Nicholas Ray, is sheer horse opera without freshness or feeling and with practically nothing to say.” I totally disagree with Crowther and his point of view is just a sample of how this western was unappreciated when originally released. If in High Noon there is a social comment, in “Run For Cover” there is a great psychological study of how individuals react when life gives them a hard time. Just the words Cagney beautifully says:” You think you got a raw deal? It comes with the ticket, nobody guarantees you a free ride, the only difference is most people don’t run for cover, they keep right on going picking up the pieces the best way they can” are worth the film. This is a colorful, well directed western with good action scenes, entertaining from beginning to end. Don’t miss it!!

Run for Cover

Not a terribly deep western, but a satisfying one that makes some decent social commentary. Unfortunately, this is a VistaVision film, but the copy I saw was in Academy ratio. So I can’t comment too much on the cinematography… I’ll just say I didn’t see anything there that hinted at greatness. I’m not the world’s biggest Cagney fan, however I liked his performance here as a man of upstanding integrity. This might also be the film’s biggest weakness, the protagonist is a little too perfect. But he’s a hero that’s enjoyable to watch interact with those around him, especially those of lesser character. The supporting roles by John Derek and Viveca Lindfors are unremarkable but solid. The movie keeps things moving at a steady pace, maybe too steady but quite watchable. There are a couple of interesting surprises as well. There are certainly better westerns out there, but you could do a whole lot worse. Run for Cover

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