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Richard The Lionheart

Richard The Lionheart

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Richard The Lionheart, The aging King Henry II has chosen his son Richard to lead England in the coming war against France. To test Richard’s loyalty, honor and skill, Henry sends him to a hellish prison in which the captives must fight a never-ending stream of enemies in order to survive. As Richard overcomes each new challenger, his strength, ingenuity and character are proven, and the legend of Richard the Lionheart is born.

I like it!!

Richard The Lionheart, I love this film! I like it very much! Macolm Mc Dowell is amazing as usual and Chandler Maness is a talent actor. I already know the director Stefano Milla and I think he’s brilliant. His special view and the way he use to tell us the story is unique. I’ve bought this DVDs on Amazon and my vote is 10! This title is a good way for a light and funny evening at home. I’ll planning the next vacation to this movie’s location. I’d like a story and the editing. I’ve seen this movie the first time during the Monrovia film festival and the critics were enthusiastic! I think you should watch this movie. And I hope you enjoy it.

Amazing low budget Spaghetti-Fantasy movie

 Here we are: an Italian independent filmmaker try to make a movie with a great character of history: Richard the Lionheart. The invention for a genre movie are a lot. Yes we face for the first time the embryo of what will surely be in the future will be the Spaghetti-Fantasy. A genre that will take cues from real historical facts and that will mix them in a completely new imagery. I’m really curious to see the second chapter that, to my knowledge, was selected in the Temecula Independent Film Festival. We will see what Stefano Milla will do with this great character.

The participation in the cast of the legendary Clockwork Orange’s actor Malcolm McDowell in the part of the King Henry II is to be savored, word for word. Despite all the bad grades that I’ve seen give to the film I realized that people, given the presence of the great actor, thought that the movie was made with a lot of money. I read some interviews with the director Stefano Milla and the reality is quite different, because it seems that the overall budget did not exceed 30k dollars. Knowing this, the director, costume designer and the whole crew have done a miracle.

So, the advice to everyone that in the future will watch the movie: Know that you are about to witness a product of true genius with a ridiculous budget and with a great actor who, despite all these limitations, put the face and believed in the movie. In fact, I have no news of Malcolm McDowell took away from this product. This is the final proof of what I support. So, go Stefano Milla: go go go!


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