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Prototype  An intelligent android (Michael) constructed by a research team is taken outdoors and successfully passed off as human in a trial run. When the government hears of this, they order their own set of tests in Washington. When the project leader realizes the military want the android for a soldier, he can’t accept it, and he and Michael go into hiding to avoid their clutches.

Don’t let the artwork fool you!

That Terminator-like metal skull with the pointy teeth and glowing red eye has absolutely nothing to do with this movie. That was obviously just some ad executive’s attempt to play on the popularity of “Ahnold’s” film successes. Ditto for the tag line “The future is not friendly.” Instead, “Prototype” is a thoughtful, well played drama about two character’s struggles to understand and deal with the world around them. Christopher Plummer is on solid ground as the scientist who wants his creation to have a chance at life, and David Morse is spectacularly understated as the android prototype of the title.

What makes this so compelling is the same thing that makes all of the best science fiction or fantasy work: The principle players take the situation and their part in it as real, without engaging in histrionics. As Michael, Morse indulges in neither the overplayed “childlike wonder” nor the hyper-mechanical stiffness so often poured into similar roles by lesser actors. Michael is “other” without being weird.

Best retelling of Frankenstein that I have ever seen!

Prototype  This is one of the most compelling and heartbreaking redux of the Frankenstein story set in a modern age. Plummer gives a great portrayal of a scientist working to push make his vision come true without realizing why it is so important. David Morse is very good as Michael the Prototype android of the title. His innocent curiousity about the world pulled me into the story. And his realization about the way things are in the end tore my heart. When Michael says, Don’t hold me. You can feel the metal.” The pain was shared between the three of us, Dr. Forrester, Michael and me.

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