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Painted Hero

Painted Hero

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Painted Hero  A rodeo clown meets a woman who, during one night, dies under suspicious circumstances. The man is blamed for her murder, and now he has to clear his name.

A Hidden Gem.

“Painted Hero” is a really good movie. Dwight Yoakam is Virgil Kidder. He’s a rodeo clown. A long time ago he left his family, but now he’s come back. Then he meets Teresa (Kiersten Warren) who is a little crazy. She thinks she’s a vampire. During one night, Teresa dies under suspicious circumstances. Virgil is blamed for her murder, and now he has to clear his name.

This is a great movie because the acting is first-rate. Dwight Yoakam puts in a convincing performance. The writing is offbeat and different. I can’t believe this movie went DTV. It shouldn’t have met that fate.

In the end: If you want an unusual drama, “Painted Hero” is a good choice.

Rodeo clowns keep the bull from riding the cowboy.

This little seen movie deserves all the respect it can get. It is different, and doesn’t lack twisting story lines. Country music star Dwight Yoakam plays a rodeo clown named Virgil Kidder. Virgil works for his buddy Brownie(Bo Hopkins)and returns to Waco, where he will have to face his past. This is where he ran out on his pregnant girlfriend Katelin(Michelle Joyner). The local pompous Sheriff Acuff(John Getz)blames Virgil for an accident that ended his bull riding career. Virgil just needs to lay low and not cause a commotion for the weekend, so they can move on to Amarillo. This rodeo clown has enough trouble in the ring; but ends up in a strange relationship with the Sheriff’s niece(Kiersten Warren), who happens to think she is a vampire. There is also her stud bull riding brother(Walton Goggins)that wants a piece of Virgil’s hide. Not enough? Enter a meeting with Katelin. Interesting? Hell yes. Also in the cast: Cindy Pickett, Peter Fonda and Brent Anderson. Filmed in and around the areas of Denton and Wichita Falls, Texas.
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