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Night Of The Wilding

Night Of The Wilding

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Night Of The Wilding  Three boys have gone wild by raping and brutally beating several people. Defense attorney Joseph Fainer accepts the case only to find that the prosecuting attorney is his ex-wife.

More wild unruly behavior, in a better wilding

Night Of The Wilding  Here we go again”, I thought to myself very early in this film, but boy was I wrong. I had known about this one, where I thought, “Why would Joey Travolta do exactly the same kind of movie?”, based on a subject that really wasn’t memorable, or worth bringing up. Or had this come out before the other Wilding. Wilding is an American term, for dangerously violent behavior by the misdirected youth to cure boredom, and it’s frighteningly scary behavior, if seeing the other film. This time, the film shoots from the other end, with the legal side of the crime. Three youths, led by a real nasty piece of work, a tall red haired kid, who kind of creeped me out, I had second thoughts about going to sleep, crash a girl’s birthday party, raping her and her friend, while beating the boyfriend with those bats. Prior to this, they had caused some ruckus, at the supermarket, where the birthday girl works, before assailing a customer, beating him to near death. The youths go to trial, defended by a guy (Estrada, quite good here) who’s never lost a case, of cause using some underhand, below the belt methods. Estrada, was someone I really wanted to punch here, like others in the film of course. After watching this, I’d turned off by defendants, that pose the question, “Why the hell would you want to be one?” Well just looks where Estrada lives”. The woman taking the victim trio’s case used to be married to Estrada, where this little stifling, too close for comfort, relationship, isn’t nothing new in these courtroom drama’s, almost dome to death. I’ll be honest, the film became really engaging, where first off the bat, I though to myself, “Oh no”. But as I watched, I almost couldn’t turn. off. I guess the one disappointing thing here, was seeing the minimal use of Travolta, an underestimated actor, who raises some laughs, playing a slick scuzzy lawyer friend of Estrada’s. Yes we have a couple of actors, we’ve seen in a few of those City Lights films, ala Joseph Mehri, and Richard Pepin, the actress playing the magistrate, a really good thespian. I must say, Estrada held his own, though was a little upstaged by the ex wife, who fared better, giving a very real, effective, and authentic performance, but it was Travolta, who I loved to be honest. NOTW had some shock moments, things I didn’t expect to happen, but these moments, mirror other ones in that long line of City Lights flicks. It was great how Estrada, who I really detested here at first, became the hero in the end, and I did like the heroine’s heedless plan of attack, to catch these three, minus one arse****s. On the whole NOTW, is quite a good drama, though isn’t flawless, with some laughable acting from some, and I mean as in bad = overacting. Some nice nudity, yes, violence inferred, not shown, like in the other Wilding, especially. Night Of The Wilding
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