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'night, Mother on DVD - (Sissy Spacek, Anne Bancroft)

'night, Mother on DVD - (Sissy Spacek, Anne Bancroft)

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What would you do if someone you loved sat down with you one night and calmly told you that they were going to end their life before morning? This is Thelma Cates’ dilemma. Her daughter, Jessie, has had it. A middle-aged epileptic unable to hold a job or drive with a failed marriage and a drug-addicted runaway son on the wrong side of the law, Jessie can find no reason to go on living. Adapted from the play by Marsha Norman, “‘night, Mother” is the story of a parent’s worst nightmare. How can Thelma convince her daughter that life is worth living if she can’t feel her pain? How can she end her daughter’s embrace of death before morning?

Actors: Sissy Spacek, Anne Bancroft, Ed Berke

Year Of Release : 1986

Running Time: 1 hour 36 minutes    Color

Language : English

(Manufactured On Demand , Region 0.)

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Revelations of suicide wishes to a mother from a daughter.

‘night, Mother Wow, here it is almost 20 years after this film was made, and I am just finding out about it. I accidentally stumbled upon it on a cable station one afternoon a few months ago. It has taken me many months since then to find the title and details! Now that I have found the title I am so glad. I hope that I can one day see it again. However, the first and only time I saw this movie I was in the middle of suffering from a deep depression myself. When I watched this movie I almost felt liberated. Through the whole movie I just kept imagining how liberating it must feel to have one person to reveal these painful, awful thoughts to. Everyone I had been in contact with tells me to ‘cheer up’, or ‘think happy thoughts’, or ‘stop being selfish’, etc. There has been not one person close to me whom I could tell my thoughts of wishing for death. When I saw this movie I wanted to cry. I wanted to cry because I truly felt the pain of the character Jessie. I wanted to leave this world as much as she did, there are days that I still want to leave! Medication and therapy helps to keep those days farther and farther apart, but they are still there. Watching this movie did help me to realize that I was not alone, and it also helped me to see that there has to be, and there should be other alternatives. I wish that I could own this movie, to watch again and again and dissect it and research it.

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