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Mr Horn

Mr Horn

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Mr Horn  The story of frontiersman , and his career as a cavalry scout, a tracker, a Pinkerton agent and a range detective, and the final events in his life that led to his tragic death.

Best acting job by Widmark and Carradine

Mr Horn  Carradine is remarkable as he becomes Tom Horn and Widmark Playing a crippled up old scout was magnificent. Supporting cast and direction were top drawer. No movie was better made than than this TV endeaver.I can never forget Widmark saying to Tom ” My good leg is now my bad leg”.

Not very historical…but still a very good movie

Sorry, but this film is not the most historical film made concerning Tom Horn. Not one authoritative source on Geronimo–neither Davis’s autobiography nor Angie Debo’s definitive biography nor any other–state that had anything to do with capturing Geronimo; he wasn’t even on the massive U.S. campaign, let alone serve as the one to bring the Apache in (the 1993 movie GERONIMO with Jason Patric probably portrays the capture most accurately). So this movie’s whole first half is all largely fiction, based probably on the lies and tall tales the real Tom Horn liked to claim for himself (on a side note to this, John Dehner plays an unsympathetic

That said, I must say I enjoy this TV movie a good deal and wish that it would get released. It deserves a viewing…but don’t confuse it with history.

William Goldman had come across the story of Tom Horn while researching that of Butch Cassidy and became fascinated with him, calling Horn “the most talented man who ever lived” in the Wild West,[2] deciding to write a screenplay about him. In 1974 it was announced Goldman, Robert Redford and Sydney Pollack had formed a company, the Horn Company, to make the movie.[3] ” Like Jeremiah [Johnson], the script is very mythic,” said Pollack.[4] Goldman was reportedly paid $500,000 for his work.
I feel David Carradine was born to play Tom Horn. The similarity between their characters is incredible.

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