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Merry Andrew

Merry Andrew

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Merry Andrew  Down trodden but creative English school-teacher (Danny Kaye) on archeological trip discovers joys of love and circus life with acrobat (Pier Angeli). His NEW Hit! A circus of FUN!

This Charming Man

Merry Andrew  Directed by top choreographer Michael Kidd, Merry Andrew makes for wonderful entertainment. By the late 50’s,the golden era of movie musicals was practically over(Kidd himself starred in another great, late-period MGM musical-It’s Always Fair Weather with Gene Kelly & Dan Dailey) Danny Kaye’s film career was also in decline by 1958-amazingly 1956’s The Court Jester was a costly financial failure, he never had another real hit and his film career was pretty much over by 1963. Merry Andrew isn’t a typical Kaye vehicle (I wonder if it was even written with the star in mind?) There are no Sylvia Fine ‘patter’ songs and very little of the zany comedy at which the star excelled. Instead there are a handful of wonderful Johnny Mercer-Saul Chaplin songs, some great set-piece dance numbers courtesy of Michael Kidd and one of the most charming performances ever captured on film(from Danny of course) Danny Kaye is a treasure- without him this film would have been a minor movie, with him it’s a classic.

This film should be made available on DVD. Why has Danny Kaye neglected when it comes to DVD? So few of his films are available.


 This is definitely my favorite Danny Kaye film. When I was a child, I was always amused by his antics. When I got older, his silly-ness was ‘over-the-top’ and completely lost on me. Except, of course, for MERRY ANDREW. It still shines.

The circus provides ample fodder for his comedy. He is a fish out of water, completely lost in this simple world. The story is a down-to-earth, believe-able comedy of errors. A nice love story, an escape from his family’s stodgy academic life, lots of music, and a happy ending. To me, less is more. KAYE didn’t seem to try as hard for laughs in MERRY ANDREW and the relaxed performance was one of his best…

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