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Menu For Murder

Menu For Murder

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Menu For Murder  Joanne Mayfield, head of the parental school commission, behaves like a dictator and makes all the other women her enemies. But when she suddenly falls dead on a party after having a sandwich, the main suspect is Susan, who served her the food. The handsome detective Joe Russo interrogates her repeatedly and they become friends. He invites her to help him with the investigation, what she happily accepts – too happily, says her husband.

Not Knot’s Landing!!

Menu For Murder  A brief check of the cast here would lead you to believe you’ve accidentally tuned into an episode of Knot’s Landing, Dallas or even Falcon Crest. The actors in question even provide a healthy does of big hair, thick make-up and shoulder-pads galore. What you’re actually getting here is a ‘murder mystery’ of soap opera standards. The cast is pleasant enough, the plot is a little whimsical, the story is not difficult to follow. I would never usually watch anything so lacking in a challenge but it was from 1990 with a few well known TV stars of the time so I gave it a chance. It wasn’t bad, it wasn’t good, it was watchable.

A disliked head member of the local school’s PTA is murdered, apparently poisoned, and initial suspense falls on Susan Henshaw (Julia Duffy), but eventually, she and ‘hunky’ Detective Joe Russo (Ed Marinaro) set out to solve the murder, and, along with some of the other ladies of the PTA, work their way through a reasonably light entertainment script to catch the murderer, who, as it turns out, is one of their own. Columbo it certainly is not but it’s worth watching for it’s 1990 soap opera style glamour.

What I really love about this

This is one of those great movies that have a super cast, it’s very dated to the nineties, the writing is that unique blend of intentional bad writing, cheesy in a good way, scripted to spoon-feed the audience a nice unemotional (which is what I prefer in this genre) story and plot-twists of catty PTA Moms. This is one of the oldies but goodies one finds on the good old Lifetime Channel. I very much enjoyed getting lost in this flick.

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