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Maybe I'll Come Home In The Spring

Maybe I'll Come Home In The Spring

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Maybe I’ll Come Home In The Spring  Dennie has returned from a year among the hippies to her superficial, image-conscious suburban family. She must face their disapproval of her actions. They refuse to even try to understand. She must also deal with an ex-lover, and a beloved young sister who is following in her footsteps, wanting the idealistic hippie life but making some rash decisions in the process.

A heartbreaker…

Maybe I’ll Come Home In The Spring  Sally Field plays an older teen who has run away from her suburban home to be with her hippie boyfriend. This no-holds-barred television movie begins with her returning home in the middle of the night, walking up her block, into the driveway, going into the house where her family is asleep and climbing into her old childhood bed. Why did she leave in the first place? Take a look at her family: her parents are a society-party dream, but completely dysfunctional after the guests have gone home. Sally’s younger sister is no better, fighting her folks over every little thing and popping pills on the side. There’s an odd sequence midway through that has Field running down the street drawing ribbons in the air, but it doesn’t detract from the realistic nature of the relationships or the film’s uncompromising ending. One of the first films (TV-made or otherwise) to rip the lid off of American suburbia and its false sense of comfort and security. Despite some facile overacting here and there, it is a sharply-edited and well-realized piece.

Same scenes stuck in my head!

Wow, I thought I was the only who one was affected by this movie and had some of its scenes stay in my head for 35 years as well. I am referring to Sally Field eating garbage, cutting her hair, the doll house.. those parts must have disturbed me a child and made me remember this for life. I happened upon this on a 6 disc movie compilation, the only other movie I know on it is John Travolta’s Boy in the Plastic Bubble. Just seeing this movie again is so amazing since I have had scenes from this movie in my head since I was a kid. This movie is a product of its times and Sally Field is always a pleasure to watch. It’s funny how she made two movies, the other Sybil that seem to have disturbed me so much when I was a child. Glad I read these reviews!

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