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Lemon Popsicle

Lemon Popsicle

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Lemon Popsicle  Bentzi, Momo, and Yuda’leh are three teenage boys growing up in 1950’s Israel, which is not much different from 1950’s America if you believe what you see in the film. Of course they are obsessed with one thing – sex. Bentzi is interested in the beautiful Nili, but she prefers his friend Momo. Meanwhile, while Bentzi is working delivering ice to people he comes across a voluptous nympho. For some reason he leaves his job and gets his friends, who are promptly invited inside and divested of their virginity in an explicit softcore sex scene. Momo goes first, then the obese Yuda’leh. Before Bentzi can have his turn the nypho’s sailor boyfriend suddenly returns from the sea and chases the boys away, Yuda’leh being forced to run away naked. The boys next visit a prostitute and are serviced by her in turn, the experience causing Bentzi to vomit. With all this experience under his belt Momo seduces Nili and impregnates her. He disowns her when she makes this known to him, leaving it to …

beautiful movie – totally stunned!!!

Lemon Popsicle  Since my early teenage years the title of this movie was in my, and of course in everyone of my friends’, ears. First to say, I always wanted to watch this film but never had the guts to do so back then. Haven forgotten the title as years passed, I’m now 23 years old and just watched it for the first time – and I have to say, I’m totally stunned! The story line is very down to earth and pure realistic; I would guess about 90% of everyone watching this movie has had some of the same experience in his early teenage years. So don’t get it wrong: this isn’t comedy or a sex-film at all; it’s pure drama – and when you know this in forehand, you will get, what you are searching for. I’ve read many reviews about people comparing this movie to American Pie and other modern teenage-movies. You shouldn’t do that. This film is very far above the ones named and totally in another category – you cannot compare such two extremely different movies with another! As for the acting: even though for some scenes, you normally should dislike some of the characters, you will love them anyway. Reason is that you know what happens is so realistic, you could have been any of the characters yourself. And this is what makes the movie worth 10 stars! Open your memory-box and take a time-warp back to when you were 15 (in case you were 15 in the early ’90s or earlier).

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