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Highlander II : The Quickening

Highlander II : The Quickening

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Highlander II : The Quickening  Years after battling the Kurgan in Scotland and New York, Connor MacLeod (Christopher Lambert) and his suave mentor, Juan Villa -Lobos Ramirez (Sean Connery ), are back, tracking time-warps and new adventures in this all action sequel, again directed by Russell Mulcahy. The Kurgan may have been vanquished, (Remember decapitation is the only way of being killed) but now there are new and more powerful foes to counter in an even more hostile world.

Never got it’s full dues…still hasn’t!

Conceptually Highlander II : The Quickening is an awesome film. THe theatrical cut was a massacre that the famous Ed Wood would find hard to top….

The two subsequent releases of the film are both improvements but they cut the planet Zeist stuff and a lot of other good footage too, so while now a good film with loads of cool stuff from fights, humour, production design etc it still remains a great film straining at the seams to get out.

Try and track down a fan cut which includes more Zeist, more explanations and fairytale ending for the best continuation of Highlander 1 there is going.

Thank God For This Work Of Art

I saw this film seven times in the theater and I wish I had payed to see it again and again. Not only was the directing the best yet but the acting left me speechless. I was so amazed at how Chris Lambert can act better than anyone who has ever acted before and Sean Connery’s ten minute scene seemed like a lifetime of great acting. This was the film of his career although he came close to acting better than this in The Avengers. This movie was so good it made the original look terrible. I own both the original video of this and the revised version. This film is so stimulating it even makes me cry. Anyone who says it is bad or even lower than pure excellence must be retarded or something.

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