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Highlander : Endgame

Highlander : Endgame

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Highlander : Endgame Together for the first time in Highlander history, Immortals Connor (Christopher Lambert ) and Duncan (Adrian Paul) MacLeod must join forces as brothers to fight their most malevolent enemy ever – the invincible Kell, who bears the souls of the 600 immortals he has vanquished throughout the eons. To save mankind and rid earth of Kell’s undying evil, Connor and Duncan may be forced to make the ultimate sacrifice. For in the end, there can be only one. Resonating with the wisdom and power that comes from a 5000 year legacy, this grand final chapter comes full circle, tying together the seeds of all past Highlander adventures. Yet it goes beyond any Highlander before – featuring awe-inspiring special effects, stunning martial arts action sequences and a mind-blowing finale – Connor and Duncan may have met their match but they’ll give the Highlander legend the farewell it deserves!

A final(?) piece of a brilliant puzzle.

Highlander : Endgame The last installment of the Highlander movie series is a brilliant blend of the original movie and the popular television characters. The story line is weaved through past history (as Highlander fans have come to expect) and picks up where the television series ended. It still stands alone as a movie in itself, though I will admit it may be hard for a non-highlander fan to grasp all of the concepts that are thrown at them. All in all, Davis/Panzer have once again given credit to this wonderful science fiction series by watching the details of the character’s pasts and still creating unknown events in their lives. This is the beauty of this series, just when you think you know the character something pops up from their past. This will be an emotional movie for diehard Highlander fans, just as the “To Be/Not to Be” t.v. finale was. In my opinion, even though this is dubbed as the final act of this series, there is still one minor issue that still remains….there can be only be one!

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