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Hard Bounty

Hard Bounty

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Kanning is an ex-bounty hunter who decides to buy the town saloon where Donnie works as a whore. Carver, who has a bad history with Kanning from his bounty hunting days, rides into town to register some land deeds.

STARS: Matt McCoy, Kelly LeBrock, John Terlesky

88 min | Western | 1995 | Color


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Not Bad At All

This movie was more than I expected when I saw it awhile back. It was certainly worth seeing again and I will see it again sometime. It was head and above what other independent productions were which is why I look for the independent productions. Also, I have enjoyed the performances of Matt McCoy.

It appeared to have a budget that shows that people believe on this movie put up the money to show their interest. The acting, writing, and directing were top notch.

It had a nod toward the spaghetti westerns and Tombstone. Not the sashes some of the gun hands wore. The costuming and appearance of the performers was pretty historically accurate. However they went over the line on how the women dressed when they rode out to take care of business. The same was also in Gang of Roses.

There were women in the Old West who had to take care of business and they were not embarrassed to switch their skirts to pants and the attire needed to get the job done.

Well done everyone.

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