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Gammera : The Invincible

Gammera : The Invincible

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The Invincible  An atomic bomb blast is detonated as American and Soviet forces clash, awakening Gammera, an immense prehistoric turtle-like creature, from his eons of slumber. The enraged beast wanders the arctic wilderness annihilating all traces of humanity in his path. The horrible devastation incites an international panic and world leaders convene to devise a strategy to eliminate the beast. The most advanced and powerful weapons in mankind’s arsenal are useless against Gammera and merely provoke the awesome monster to greater acts of destruction. Faced with major cities in ruin and global carnage beyond imagination, the world’s top scientists combine forces to develop Plan Z-a final desperate chance for human survival. Originally released in Japan as Daikaiju Gamera, the film was the first of eight installments starring the mighty turtle.

STARS: Albert Dekker, Brian Donlevy, Diane J. Findlay

86 min | Action, Family, Sci-Fi | 1966 | Color


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Not for everyone, but very enjoyable for the right audience
A lot of Godzilla ripoffs have come and gone, but Gamera remains the most memorable, and with good reason. Daiei did a great job creating a unique character and story for their giant monster, and managed a whole franchise of their own that still goes on today. The film itself certainly requires a specific taste, but even compared to later entries, it holds pretty strong. My 10 star rating is generous, and to be honest, it probably deserves less. But I give some extra points for the obvious effort to do something new while still copying Toho's homework. That's not at all easy to pull off, but Gamera managed. And more bonus points for the Plan Z idea(no, not Plankton's). No oxygen destroyer. No planes or Empire State Building. This film comes up with the idea of launching the giant turtle on a rocket to Mars. It's goofy, hilarious, stupid, and epic in all the right ways! Problems exist, and especially in this poorly edited American version. But even this version retains the charm that exists in the original version. The extra scenes with American actors are likely to put some to sleep, though I honestly didn't find them bad, particularly the heated television debate scene, which I found rather funny.

Overall, giant monster fans should find this enjoyable. Gamera fans who want to see where he started will find it fascinating. Average movie fans......may wanna skip this one. It's definitely not for them

-- Wes Wall.

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