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G 2 : Mortal Conquest

G 2 : Mortal Conquest

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G 2 : Mortal Conquest  Deep in the mind of Steven Colin (Daniel Bernhardt) the secret of an ancient martial arts power lay dormant…In a former life, Colin wielded the forceful sword of Alexander the Great. Now in 2003, his enemies are back and are determined to seek the man who would be king and destroy him for all eternity.

Lots of action. Lots of thrills. Loads of excitement.

G 2 : Mortal Conquest  Bernhardt play a former cop, Steven Colin, who begins having nightmares about fighting a group of evil Asians and constantly getting stabbed by them and not dying. The dreams are so real to him. Turns out that he was actually a soldier in another life who was sent to retrieve the sword of Alexander the Great and give it to him, but a group of Asians tried to kill him for it, but the sword allowed him to destroy them. So the dreams that Colin has been having his from his former life and the enemies come back 2000 years to the day to settle the score and destroy him once and for all. I don’t know why people say there’s no action in this. The first 10 minutes are full of fights and gunplay with various different violence plagued throughout the film. Those people must not have been watching G2 (probably P2). The acting sucks, but who cares. The plot is awesome and its very enjoyable.

It’s no classic, but it’s still worth watching


This movie seems to make people think of Highlander. I disagree. It’s as much Highlander as it is Excalibur. The plot is nothing spectacular or original, and does remotely resemble Highlander, but it certainly ain’t no Highlander. Heck, even Star Wars looks remotely like Highlander. It’s all a case of level of abstraction from the story. But enough about that. It was sorta disappointing that people thought it normal when the “immortal” (actually reincarnations) died with a lot of lightning.

So: it ain’t no classic, but it certainly is worth watching.

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