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Feet of Flames

Feet of Flames

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Feet of Flames grew out of Michael Flatley’s Lord of the Dance, which itself sprung from the original dance concert Riverdance in which Michael was a performer. Each new incarnation was an improvement over the previous until Feet of Flames was performed before a live audience of 25,000 attendees at Hyde Park in the center of London on July 25, 1998. This show can be viewed as a three act performance with the innovation that for the first time Celtic Dancers were told to use their arms as a part of their choreography.

Great!! The BEST EVER!!

Feet of Flames This is the best Irish Dancing show ever!! The original DVD (LOTD) was great but this one is just an improved and greater version of it! The dancing is just breathtaking! Whether it was the dancers, the dancing, the stage, the costumes, the theme (LOTD theme), it all made FOF the best dancing show ever. Another version of FOF was made (the victory tour) yet it is not 1/10 as good as this one! I believe Michael Flatley made this show to stay forever!! I especially enjoyed the fact that the original leads (Gillian, Bernadette and Daire) Danced in this show, because they are simply the best! I am Going to briefly talk about some of my favorite Dances:

1) Gypsy: Gillian truly is an amazing gypsy. She is sexy, evil and tempting yet at the same time she is very graceful and she plays the lead role with class. It is no wonder that she’s the best temptress, and no other dancer had ever been able to match her beauty, grace and style. In Gypsy, she’s a bird flying and you can only think that she’s reaching to heaven…

2) Breakout: Bernadette looks like a doll here! This girl is so talented and she just makes you want to dance. The way she and Gillian dance here is very beautiful.

3)Stolen Kiss: Bernadette, Michael and Gillian are a great trio, and you have to love Stolen kiss when it is performed with Bernie’s innocence, and Gillian’s fire.

4) Saoirse (the dance of love): Simply Breathtaking!! Bernadette looks like a princess and makes you dream with her. What a great feeling!

5) Planet Ireland: Probably the best performance of Planet Ireland ever! The stage and the colors of the Irish flag are just amazing!

Finally, i want to say that I LOVE all the dances, but i cannot comment on all of them:)

The Very Best Of Torvill And Dean

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