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Day-Time Wife

Day-Time Wife

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Day-Time Wife , When Jane Norton inadvertently discovers that Ken, her husband of two years, is dallying with his beautiful secretary, she decides to turn the tables by applying for a job as secretary to philandering architect Barney Dexter, an associate of her husband. Despite cynical advice from her friend Blanche, a three-time divorcée, Jane stays one step ahead of the amorous Dexter and uses Ken’s jealousy to get him to renounce his extra-marital indiscretions.

What’s Good for Ty, Is Good for Linda…….and Great for Us!

Day-Time Wife , Linda Darnell is at home alone waiting on hubby Tyrone Power to come home. But why, in the roofing business, does he keep such hours away from her? She planned a surprise anniversary party that he couldn’t come home to, so they went to him at the office and HE WASN”T THERE! She convinces herself, along with help from good friend Binnie Barnes, that he’s out with his secretary, not having an affair, just having a gay old time. After all, secretaries get some of the husband’s attention lavished on them. Binnie should know, she says, with her three divorces. To see the advantage of being a secretary, Linda proceeds to get a job at an architect’s office, played wonderfully by Warren William. But, it’s kept a secret from Ty, of course. Unfortunately, not only does he know Tyrone, but he does business with him, causing Linda to dash out of the office, whenever Ty shows up. One thing leads to another and the last 30 minutes are a total hoot. I didn’t expect such an hilarious escapade from Ty and company, but it sure is a crowd pleaser. You feel so upbeat and good after watching this.(And, Tyrone, already a great looking man, looks so cute acting so sheepish, when shown up.) This unknown film can be found on a Tyrone Power DVD collection and should be seen more than it is. Despite Warren William being at the peak of his form, he does seem to be older than his costars. Not that he looks bad, but their glowing youth and good looks make him appear to be somewhat out of place. Nonetheless at 74 minutes, this should be enjoyed by all who love screwball comedies. Discover “Day Time Wife” today!

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